Keynote Speakers 

Hildo Honório do Couto

Hildo Honório do Couto works in the Department of Linguistics of the University of Brasília as Professor Emeritus. He has published a few ecolinguistics books in Portuguese, among which are the following: 1) Ecolinguística: estudo das relações entre língua e meio ambiente (Brasília, 2007): the first introduction to the discipline in Portuguese; 2) Linguística, ecologia e ecolinguística (São Paulo, 2009): an ecolinguistic view of language contact; 3) O paradigma ecológico para as ciências da linguagem (Goiânia, 2016): an anthology containing practically

all the "classical" essays on the subject (Sapir, Haugen etc.)

besides some recent ones, in a total of 18 essays/chapters (427 pages). He created an Ecolinguistics website, an online journal and organizes the Brazilian Meetings on Ecolinguistics (EBE), which takes place every two years. The first one was in 2012. He has a blog in English with seven texts as well as one in Portuguese containing 27 texts. He also has an Ecolinguistics list, with 330 members. His production also includes several articles (in Portuguese and in English) as well as the supervision of several M.A. and PhD. theses. 


Michał B. Paradowski

Michał B. Paradowski is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw, a teacher and translator trainer, and a language teaching consultant for television. His interests include English as a lingua franca, second and third language acquisition research, foreign language teaching, bilingualism and bilingual education, embodied cognition, educational technology, and complexity science. He has given over 140 invited lectures, seminars and workshops in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, many in universities from the top of world rankings. His recent edited

volumes are Teaching Languages off the Beaten Track (2014) and Productive Foreign Language Skills for an Intercultural World (2015); his latest (2017) monograph appeared under the title M/Other Tongues in Language Acquisition, Instruction, and Use.

David Stringer

David Stringer is an Associate Professor of Second Language Studies at Indiana University-Bloomington, specializing in bilingualism, language and cognition. His main research area is the acquisition of the mental lexicon, with a focus on both linguistic universals and cultural relativity. Recent projects investigate multilingualism in postcolonial societies, and biocultural diversity conservation, linking language revitalization in indigenous cultures to the conservation of ecosystems. He has also created community outreach programs through schools to raise awareness of linguistic and cultural projects to create sustainable systems of development.

Kin-yuen Wong

Kin-yuen Wong is Professor and Head of Department of English Language and Literature,  Director of Graduate School and Director of Technoscience Culture Research and Development Centre at Hong Kong Shue Yan University. His research interests include Anglo-American Literature, environmental ethic and ecocriticism,  critical animal and plant studies, technoscience culture and Deleuzian philosophy. He has written widely in these areas in Chinese and English. He has co-edited Science Fiction and the Prediction of the Future (2011) and World Weavers: Globalization, Science Fiction, and the Cybernetic Revolution

(2005), Technovisuality: Cultural Re-enchantment and the Experience of Technology (2016) and Deleuze and the Humanities (2018).

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